Nature, infinite territory of explorations, with its lines, colors, scents and sounds, carries the imagination of most of us…

Initially, the curiosity of the world and things leads Alexandre Peutin, founder of å studio design, to a scientific bachelor’s degree.
The tray in his pocket, his thirst to understand remaining unquenched and under the influence of an artist friend with whom he shares long debates, he turned to sculpture and Fine Arts.
Its path continues towards the University of Amiens where he will get a degree in Fine Arts in 1999. It will benefit during this training courses of Boris Eizykman, master of design conferences and member of the Center for research in Arts and aesthetics.
The complementarity of science and art directs it naturally to the design. This is why it passes the contest of Saint-Étienne Higher School of Art and Design in 2000. He’ll learn, through multiple lessons both on the methodology, concept, technique on the relational, to refine its projects.

A graduate of the Higher School of design in 2004, he completed his training at the Sydney College of Art in Australia. This experience with the «Sydneysiders» allows him to develop another look, to discover and acquire techniques of glassblowing and jewellery.
After obtaining the High Distinction in 2005 and a few months to discover this country, he returned to the France to its weapons in different experiments in design agency.

After a few years of practice, the desire to offer a different way to see the singularities of our environment made bloom å studio design. The creation of this agency will allow Alexandre to reveal his style and his own signature.

The projects from the design studio are born and feed of imagination, of analysis of the uses of aesthetics, technology and experience of others.

Passionate about the different know-how around the materials and manufacturing processes, a curiosity of Alexandre tirelessly leads him toward collaborations that give life to unique, rich of emotions and values projects.