Logo_Ateliers_Charles_Jouffre_2016Ateliers Jouffre, championing and illustrating the upholsterer’s profession calls for constant attention to detail. Besides the perfection required for the finishing of drapes and furnishings, other more unexpected factors apply: working clothes in the company’s colors, immaculate delivery vans, specific covers to protect furniture and floors during work at the client’s address, the systematic ironing of drapes after installation – little touches that are appreciated by the most demanding clients. Awarded the French “Living Heritage Company” (EPV) label, Jouffre also aspires to be a hotbed of the finest artisan upholsterers. The company’s employees are trained in-house, supported, and encouraged. The upshot is success: to date, Joffre staff have earned three Best Apprentice of France awards and one Best Craftsman of France award.



Verrerie of Saint-Just, glass Maker since 1826. Imagine a material that is able to revive the past, inspire artists and provide designers and contemporary architects with a new language… A material that plays with light and transparency, color and texture, movement and space… A material that has withstood the test of time and combines pure tradition with avant-garde audacity. This material exists: it is Saint-Just glass.


Vincent BreedVincent Breed, graduated in industrial design, he discovers glass blowing at the High School of Decorative Arts of Strasbourg, in 1992. A trade-guild near well known glass Masters leads him to start his own workshop in Lyon, in 1999. He is made known by his creations in the universe of the tableware, in a pure, ludic and coloured esthetic. Vincent Breed develops an always poetic universe in the field of custom designed luminary. He starts to approach it in spectacular dimensions, and makes the glass dancing.


logo Alliance LEDAlliance LED, specialist in indoor light. Respect for the environment, lower expenses due to energy costs and the cost of maintenance, new designs and new products: LEDs offer new inspiration fields of applications and lighting comfort.